Top 5 FAQs

When is the renewal date and what is the cost for the 2024 Season?

The renewal date for Season VideoPass subscribers will be next February 27th. (this does not apply if you have a Monthly or Yearly subscription).

The cost varies depends of various factors: the subscription you renew from, or the possibility that you enjoyed a previous discount.

Please visit your Subscriptions section in My Account from our website at to find out the price that applies in your case.

I want to renew now in advance, can I do so?

A few days before the automatic renewal date, and if you have the automatic renewal option enabled in your profile, you will receive an email inviting you to purchase the subscription in advance.

Please follow the information provided in the email to be able to proceed this way, which usually consists on visiting the Subscribe section once logged, and click the offer which will be displayed there, according to your profile and previous subscription.

I wish to cancel the automatic renewal, what should I do?

You will be able to cancel the auto-renewal of your MotoGP™ VideoPass by following these steps (remember to log in first):

- Click on your username on the upper right corner of the homepage and then My Account. Once there, select the Subscriptions option.

- Click "View Details" under your current subscription, and use the "Disable Automatic Renewal" button to cancel.

You may use the "Enable Automatic Renewal" button at any moment should you change your mind, thus allowing the automatic renewal to take place at its due date.

This applies for all Season VideoPass purchsed from our website. For other types of subscriptions purchased in the different app stores, please check the automatic renewal status in your profile in the stores themselves. 

In which languages will the video content of 2024 be available?

We kindly inform you that race commentaries are available in English only, although you might find video interviews to riders which are available in their respective languages. Our site is in multiple languages to facilitate navigation.

There are currently no plans to provide closed captions as an alternative in the near future.

In which currency will I be charged?

We kindly inform you that our prices are charged in Euros.

The price will be displayed in your currency during the purchase process of any of our subscriptions, before you are asked to confirm the payment.

In any case, your bank will do the currency exchange so you may contact them if you wish to confirm the precise exchange rate they will apply.

To get an idea of the corresponding amount in your currency, you may refer to available online exchange tools.

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